What I’m Setting Out To Do Here

For some time now, I’ve tried to figure out if my own mental meanderings about tech, how we interact with it, WHY we interact with it, and how I think we SHOULD [not] interact with it would be useful in anyone.

So, to quell my curiosity I thought I’d start poking at it here in a blog.  So, here we go.

To set the stage, a few years ago I gave a talk in an industry conference – specifically to the techie type in the vertical I now work in.  The title “Megatrends in Tech” was given to me in my then assignment to reflect some research I had done for the prior year.  You can find the slides here.

I discovered the following things.

  1. In the VERY near future, every person on this planet will have access to some form of connectivity.  Just think about that.  Right now, only 45% of the earth’s population is connected.  It’s unprecedented.  When this moment occurs, this will be the first time in the history of humankind that any one person can connect via voice, text, or video to any other human somewhere else in the world.  And it’s highly likely this experience will either be free – or nearly free.  More on this later.
  2. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays an integral part in this evolution.  How?  It will fund it (thank you Google/Alphabet, Facebook, and others), it will drive low cost technology component innovation – thus enabling access to anyone, anywhere, and in any price spectrum.
  3. The process of blurring political boundaries worldwide will start.  Not without much conflict and confusion, but I contend it will [eventually] be a positive outcome.
  4. Mobile devices are the key accelerator that will eliminate a need for a desktop computing device.
  5. Social networks ARE the new platform of The Internet.
  6. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and similar technologies are all extremely important, but will not replace humans.  However, they will undoubtedly enhance our lives.  This will only happen once access to computing services becomes ‘transparent’.
  7. DNA and researching one’s family history will be an enhancing tool that will connect the human race like never before.

I’ll set out over the course of my entries here to spend time on each of these (and other) themes.  I welcome your critical feedback and discussion.  Let’s be civil, thoughtful, and remember that each of our own perceptions are our reality.


Greg Collier


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